About Us


AlaskaUAV.com is owned by Alaska Aviation Proving Grounds, Inc. (AAPG), an Alaskan corporation located in Anchorage Alaska. AAPG has been in business since 2014 developing single rotor unmanned helicopters. Our biggest accomplishment to date is the delivery of our GEO Mapper UAS to NASA Ames Research Center. In 2019 AAPG has transformed itself to provide Decision Making Aerial Imagery and GIS Products including processing, GIS, and a training academy. We purchase imagery from other aerial acquisition companies and process that imagery into great decision making aerial imagery and GIS products. Our goal is to provide products and training services that enable small communities to make better planning decisions. AAPG contracts companies to acquire vast amounts of imagery at very specific areas over a 10 day period of time, then AAPG purchases that imagery and makes decision making products.