Aerial Imagery Product Processing

After the Decision Making Aerial Imagery is acquired by a drone, it must be processed with a computer with photogrammetry software to generate imagery products. At AlaskaUAV, we normally contract for aerial imagery using with a 5 camera acquisition system in a Cessna 182 or drones, and then we use software such as AgiSoft MetaShape, Pix4D, and Bentley's ContextCapture to generate rectified orthomosaics, point clouds and 3d meshes. However, if your community has someone that desires to learn to process the imagery, we can provide the equipment, train your people, and provide mentor-ship. Additionally, AlaskaUAV will come to your village each year and ensure your system is working properly and provide additional training as needed. Finally, we are available for telephone support to ensure your organization's success.

We are here to help you get affordable quality Decision Making Aerial Imagery & GIS Products for your village.