"A Better Way" - Alaska Aerial Imagery

 Alaskan remote villages have virtually the same infrastructure and service requirements as large cities on a micro scale. Most communities have engineering companies who use Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) such as ArcGIS® to help the communities make important decisions. GIS systems need regular injections of aerial imagery to ensure decisions will be made based on accurate information. Until recently, the periodic aerial imagery update has been cost prohibitive. This summer AAPG, Inc. began offering Decision Making Aerial Imagery Products at a fraction of the price.

Working with your community’s planners/engineers, AAPG receives information regarding when and where your community needs updated aerial imagery. The geographic areas of interest are scheduled and our contracted airplane and drone imaging crews to efficiently acquire the imagery as the airplane moves throughout the state. There are no upfront costs or contract, we simply acquire the imagery during our summer season. After the imagery is acquired, AAPG purchases the imagery and turns the images into highly accurate Decision Making Imagery Products are available online at a fraction of the cost of traditional imagery. Our goal is to reduce the cost of aerial imaging products by as much as 75%! If and when you have aerial imagery that absolutely must be acquired within a specific period of time, it can be done at a very affordable price.