Alaska's Youth to Learn Drone Mapping and GIS to Help Their Communities Make Critical Decisions

Rural communities need low cost aerial imagery and GIS Products. None greater than the more than 100 Alaskan villages without recent GIS data. At AAPG, we have begun two business initiatives to bring low cost Decision Making Aerial Imagery to these communities. Promoted through our, AAPG is offering extremely low cost aerial imagery, then processing of the imagery into rectified orthomosaics with digital elevation models. For those communities that don't have an engineering or community planning company providing GIS services, AlaskaUAV will assist them in establishing their own initial GIS foundation using ESRI's ArcGIS Pro. The second integrated initiative is AlaskaUAV's developing a 6 week training academy to train people who live in these communities, and help equip them to acquire aerial imagery with a drone, process the imagery into orthographic images and elevation models, then to extract vector data using ESRI's ArcGIS Pro software. We are proud of these initiatives because they provide low-cost methods for under-served rural villages to make better community planning decisions and it has the potential to introduce Alaskan youth into a great profession. Currently, Mr. Teagarden, President of AAPG is working with Dr. Keith Cunningham, an expert in the field of Geography, to develop the GIS curriculum and Craig McCullough, owner of 4 Rivers Surveying in Idaho, to develop the survey control processes. Additionally, Mr. Teagarden of AAPG is meeting with universities to bring their resources into the process. The goal is to offer internships that students can learn these important skills and receive college credit. AlaskaUAV is currently looking for people who are interested in drones and computers who live in communities that need aerial imagery and GIS. Those interested can learn more at or email for more information.