Capabilities Direct and Through Contractors


  • NADIR Camera 50MP Medium Format
  • Oblique 4-Cameras 40MP Full Frame
  • ~200MP Composite Image Frame
Position & Orientation
  • Novatel SPAN Inertial Navigation System (GNSS with IMU)
  • PPP and PPK Post Processing for highly accurate position and orientation solutions
  • Aerial Panel Ground Control Points
Aircraft (We Contract our Aerial Services. We do not Perform Aerial Survey.) 
  • Cessna 182 dedicated to Aerial Imaging
  • 16” Camera Hole
  • Hard Mount for 5 Cameras
  • Range 700 miles with Fuel Reserve
  • Drones
  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro RTK
Survey Equipment
  • GPS Base Station and Rover w/ GCP Aerial Panels

Post Processing Software
  • Inertial Explorer Post Position and Orientation
  • Pix4D/Agisoft Orthomosaic, DSM/DTM, Point Clouds
  • Bentley ContextCapture Reality Modeling
  • Global Mapper GIS Software
  • ArcGIS and QGIS GIS Software
  • 1” to 6” GSD/Resolution from Manned Aircraft
  • 1/4” to 2” GSD/Resolution from Drone
Accuracy (without Ground Control Points)
  • ~.2-1.5 Meter Accuracy from Cessna Aircraft (Altitude and Location Dependent)
  • ~2 Meters Accuracy from Unmanned Aircraft