Decision Making Aerial Imaging & GIS Academy



For communities who want a complete drone image processing and GIS program as a turn-key product, AlaskaUAV has a solution just for you. For $40,000 you get a complete package includes: a DJI RTK Phantom Drone capable of mapping your small community, AgiSoft Metashape Professional Image Processing Software, ArcGIS Professional GIS Software, a computer capable of processing the imagery and performing the GIS work, a drone training and certification program, training in turning your imagery into Decision Making Aerial Imagery and GIS Products. This program includes 3-days in your village during the Summer to mentor you during your first project.

Training and certification done over a 6 week intense training period during the winter months in Nevada. The price does not include lodging or meals. The ESRI and AgiSoft products are non-commercial versions of the Professional Software Licenses.