Speculative Aerial Imagery for Decision Making Aerial Imagery & GIS Products

Traditionally, aerial imagery is usually contracted by a local, state, or federal agency issuing a Request For Proposal (RFP) for a single or multi-year contract for an aerial survey of predefined areas with specifications. With this business model, small projects with significant mobilizations costs have a significantly higher cost per square mile than large projects with lower mobilizations costs. Unfortunately, companies have tried and history has shown that attempting to piggyback multiple projects on a single mobilization isn't always practical. Inevitably, one of the projects cancels or changes the acquisition window, or weather causes this piggybacking to not work. The big loser in this traditional business model are the small Alaskan communities. These communities either pay exorbitantly higher prices for aerial imagery contracts and/or when the price is beyond their capability to fund, projects just don't happen.

AlaskaUAV has introduced a business model that provides imagery as a product to small communities for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Rather than to contract for services, AlaskaUAV provides the Decision Making Aerial Imagery & GIS information as a deliverable Product on a speculative basis. We take the risk that a reasonable percentage of these communities will purchase our affordable products. Our approach is that we keep the cost of our operations very low and develop our process efficiencies. Rather than a $3- million dollar aircraft and camera we contract for services using a significantly lower cost single engine Cessna airplane with a much lower cost aerial imaging system. There is no doubt that the product created by the more expensive traditional methods is higher quality. And, contracted our aircraft and camera are not efficient with large project. But for small remote communities our aircraft and camera system is ideal. Can your community afford to spend three to 3-10 times the price when there is an alternative that will meet your needs?

The key to our business model is that unlike traditional aerial imaging contract that mobilize from Anchorage for a single project, we plan a 10-day mobilization where we can acquire aerial imagery for 20 or more communities. The costs associated with mobilization are spread over many projects. Our contracted flight crew follows the good weather so we have fewer days where the airplane and flight crew is sitting in a hotel. However, our process does require significant coordination with the small communities for our team to learn what geographic areas are of interest and what type of imagery is needed. With sufficient information, AlaskaUAV's contractors  can acquire the imagery and process the imagery into orthomosaic images with elevation data. Then AAPG can provide the deliverable to your engineering company or provide GIS overlays using ArcGIS Pro saving communities more than 75% of the cost of traditional contracted services.